At Family Medical Care Plus, Inc. we offer state of the art Advanced Lipid Panel and Precancer Screenings through bloodwork. Advanced lipid testing can identify additional risk factors of coronary heart disease that standard blood-cholesterol tests typically do not.

Patients who look healthy may have hidden risks. Over 50% of patients who suffer a heart attack or stroke have “normal” LDL cholesterol levels.

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Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL, Inc.) offers a comprehensive panel of traditional and advanced tests that our doctor can use to determine the best treatment plan. For example, we assess Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Cystatin C, Homocysteline, and more, providing a basis for early detection, effective treatment, and disease reversal.

Traditional Lipid Profile

This is the usual group of tests to determine total cholesterol, risk for cardiovascular and related diseases. It is a good start but should always be combined with advanced testing to uncover a more accurate picture of total health.

Lipoprotein Particles

Lipoprotein Particle size/number and Apo Protein concentrations reveal levels of good and bad cholesterol particles, which provide a far better predictor of risk than traditional lipid profiles alone.


Inflammatory processes are independent predictors of risk. Testing reveals the level of inflammation of blood vessels that may lead to plaque rupture, ultimately resulting in a heart attack or stroke.

Heart Function

Advanced tests detect strain or other damage to the heart muscle, which can lead to more appropriate treatment for preventing heart attacks.


Genetics markers predict risk for heart attacks and strokes, plus sensitivity to commonly prescribed medications.


Metabolic markers can lead to early detection of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which may reduce or eliminate a patient’s need for insulin.

HS- Omega- 3 Index

A Fatty Acid Profile is potent indicator of the nutrients in a patient’s diet that can improve cardiovascular health.

Pricing Overview

DO NOT PAY the amount the insurance company says is patient responsibility. If your insurance company sends a check directly to you, rather than HDL, Inc. please sign the back of the check and write “Pay to the Order of HDL, Inc.” and forward to address below.

Address to Forward:

Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc.
Attn: Billing Dept
737 N. 5th St, Ste 103
Richamond, VA 23219

Only Three Instances should you receive a bill from HDL, Inc.

  1. If HDL, Inc. learns that payment for services was sent directly to the patient and not forwarded to our billing department as requested above.
  2. If the patient does not have Medical Insurance or opts for services at the Cash Price.
  3. If HDL, Inc. has filed claims with the patient’s insurance company and the patient has NOT met the patient contribution requirements (i.e. deductibles, copays, etc.) for laboratory.